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Hi! I'm Jay.

I’m a Cloud and DevOps specialist who’s created technical docs and training for Amazon, Microsoft, and many others. 

Let me help you craft high-quality technical marketing content that turns readers into customers. 

Jay Andrew Allen

Bring technical decision makers to your site and convert them into customers. UJ Media Services can develop technical content for your startup or medium-size software company that’s accurate, detailed, and persuasive. 

Technical content marketing: Beyond technical docs

Technical content marketing is creating content for a technical audience that reaches key decision-makers in a business. This includes software engineers, software engineering managers, leads, group directors, and even technical C-suite managers. 

Content marketing is one thing. Technical content marketing is a whole other ball game. Technical staff are suspicious of anything that sounds like marketing copy. They seek out content that provides solutions to real-world problems. Successful technical content is detailed, specific, and accurate. 

I’ve had numerous companies come to me because their technical content marketing strategy has hit a snag. They’ve tried asking devs to develop outlines that they then feed to technical writers or copywriters. However, if the writers aren’t domain experts, their content can only go so deep. The result is content that feels shallow and fails to convert technical decision makers. 

It’s a quandary. Copywriters don’t have the domain expertise to develop deep technical content. Engineers have the expertise, but not necessarily the time nor the skills to write at volume. 

That’s where I come in. I’ve spent over 20 years in the IT and computer software industry as both a software engineer and a technical writer. I’ve developed content for some of the biggest names in tech. Now, I write content on cloud computing, DevOps, and a wide variety of other software engineering topics. 

Contact me today to learn how we can work together to plan and execute on a winning content strategy today!

“Jay’s knowledge of the cloud’s landscape and ability to dive deep and learn new things makes him a self-sufficient writer. His work rarely needs correction, and he’s quick to escalate when a concept is still fuzzy. Jay is friendly and communicative, and can get a lot of work done with a small amount of direction. It’s a pleasure working with him.”

– Zayd Simjee, TinyStacks


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