Technical Content Marketing

Generate technical content that generates leads, creates sales, and retains customers. 

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Leave the Tech Content to Us.

Do you run a Software as a Service (SaaS) business? Or build a tool aimed at other software developers? Chances are you want people to know about it! 

But crafting high-quality technical content requires more than talented writers. It requires writers with a firm technical background who can speak with authority and build trust with your customers. 

At UJ Media Services, we specialize in content marketing with a focus on technical content marketing. No matter how complicated your content marketing needs, we can craft compelling content that will generate leads and win new business. 


Technical Content Marketing

Technical content is some of the most challenging content to write. UJ Media Services has decades of experience crafting technical content that builds trust with your customers – and generates leads for your business. We use the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques to develop a full content plan that informs your potential customers while also introducing them to the value that your SaaS solution provides. 


Content Creation and Search Engine Optimization

Need expert blog content? Don’t know what search keywords will help customers find your business? UJ Media Services’ expert team of writers can create a full content plan for you based on in-depth keyword research. We’ll optimize your site for maximum keyword exposure. Our team of writers will then get busy creating content for your site so that it’s always fresh and up to date.

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Web Site Hosting

Need site hosting? We use WordPress plus our own blend of licensed and home-grown add-ons to build your Web presence out quickly and easily. We’ll even set up and handle hosting for you*. Pick from one of our economically priced starter packages – Services, Lead Generation, or Storefront – and get started today!

* Initial services provided as a one-time package charge. Hosting and ongoing maintenance are provided for an additional monthly fee. 

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Site Migration and Overhaul

Already have a site that’s old and slow? We’ll give you a customized quote to move you over to our host and technology. Get a super-fast, clean, modern-looking site with state of the art capabilities – all for a fixed project cost!

Full-Scale Web Programming

Most companies can get by with off-the-shelf solutions. But sometimes, you need additional firepower to make your small business dreams come true. Leave it to our founder, Jay, who has 25+ years building Web services and applications for Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon and Microsoft. 

About The Owner

Jay Andrew Allen

Hi! I’m Jay Allen. I’ve worked in the IT industry for over two decades. On top of that, I’m a lifelong writer with a passion for words. For years, I’ve combined these two passions by helping tech companies not only build software, but communicate their ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences. (Check out some of my writing on Hashnode for examples.) 

With UJ Media Services, I’ve combined my passions for technology and communication. I help companies develop and manage full-scale Web presences so that they can remain focused on their core business. Plus, I help businesses plan, develop, and publish the content they need to draw in leads and make sales. 

With 25+ years in the industry and extensive contacts in the IT and content creation worlds, I can assemble a team that can undertake projects of any complexity. Contact me and ask what I can do for you and your business today!

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